Zika Prevention


Zika Prevention at FDR

We have been receiving calls from our guests regarding the Zika Virus. To allay your concerns about Zika we will advise you of the safety measures we have taken to ensure a Zika-free environment when you vacation with us.

Zika Preventative Treatments on Property:
  • Kelly our Grounds Supervisor sprays the property twice daily
  • The Suites are sprayed once a month by the P& D- Pest Control Company to cover all insects.
  • The guest rooms are sprayed by nannies upon request as an ongoing Backup
  • • We provide floor fans on request
  • • Guests are provided with mosquito net on request
  • • We constantly monitor and control all potential mosquito breeding sites, boats, etc 
  • • Offering repellents and other mosquito control products (citronella) on property at the gift shop
  • The CDC has not updated their website since October 17, 2016. Jamaica like Florida is considered Zika Free by W.H.O.

    We have never had a report from any of our guests contracting the Zika Virus here at FDR.

    We invite your comments via our contact page.


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